Group ADADE…

… a great team for the best results.

Group ADADE is a nationwide professional services firm aimed primarily at small and medium enterprises which offers technical infrastructure and highly qualified personnel.


Our Group members, expert labour consultants, auditors, lawyers and tax consultants, among others, have over 30 years of service with the company. ADADE has become one of the leading national audit and advisory groups.

The members of the Group are expert labour consultants, auditors, lawyers and professional tax consultants, among others, and have spent more than 30 years of service to the company. ADADE, at the same time, is establishing as one of the leading Audit and Advisory Groups nationwide.

Proof of this is our position in the national consulting and accounts auditing sector according to the ranking published annually by the financial daily, Expansion.

…by the financial newspapers Expansion and El Economista.

In this ranking, we occupy a consolidated position as the one of the major National Consulting Groups.

The Group continues to work towards achieving ever-higher rankings as trusted and quality advisors through our comprehensive consulting services to companies.


Our position is supported by our more than 15,000 customers served by nearly 600 professionals in our 40 offices spread across 28 provinces of Spanish territory.

Here, we present the information necessary for you to get to know us, our services (account auditing, law firm, company labour consulting, professional tax advice, business valuation ...), our business activities, our pressroom, our journal, the directory of our many offices, etc.

Also, as a national consulting group and auditor we offer professionals the opportunity to join our Group and its project by becoming a partner or provincial representative.