Labour and human resource consulting

Group ADADE provides exemplary company labour consulting services in Spain; the firm is uncompromising in its commitment to provide its clients with accessible services. Our labour consultants provide a direct and transparent relationship, essential for those companies seeking the business excellence achieved by those client and friends who place their trust in us.

Group ADADE offers its customers the Company LabourConsulting Service conducted by the Labour Department, composed of a highly qualified staff of lawyers and Graduates with Diplomas in Social Studies and Labour Relations.

All Group ADADE labour consultants work to ensure that labour and staff issues do not become a burden for their clients. In our labour consultancy work, we advise companies on how best to draft the several labour contracts and to benefit from various subsidies and benefits that the different legal options offer in this regard.

In short, the Group ADADE provides personalised labour consulting services tailored to your needs, offering commitment and diligence in the management of affairs with your staff.

Our business consultants will provide practical and easy to apply solutions, avoiding labour disputes, thus obtaining maximum performance from day to day.


Labour Advisory Service

  • Legalization of new businesses.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Salary receipts.
  • Payment of Social Security.
  • Extraordinary postponements.
  • Work Inspections.
  • Redundancy Procedures.
  • Labour Inspections.
  • Representations to the Courts.
  • Individual settlements.
  • Collective settlements.
  • Company labour audit.
  • Special Social Security Regimes.