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ADADE is an International Advisory Group composed of independent experts in providing comprehensive advice to companies. The partners and international delegates are responsible for commercial interests since these members are directors of their own businesses, thus offering a personal and reliable service. In the ADADE Group, each member strives to offer the highest quality in their technical expertise, complementing it with the development of training programs of the first order in their respective countries.

The ADADE International Advisory Group is an international and independent association for full assessment of companies. Since its foundation in 1992, it stands out foritsreliability, confidentiality and the quality of its services, backed by the members of the group. Currently ADADE International Advisory Group holds the post 10 in the ranking of audit and advisory services of Spain.

In the current economic climate, with the rapid development of new markets, improving communications, and greater international mobility, the companies are operating in an increasingly global scale. The success of the international organizations lies in the adherence to the same offices of first order of each country, so that their knowledge and local contacts can benefit the most.

Our members, who are directors of their own companies, provide a personal and confidential service, and strive to provide the highest quality service through their expertise in their respective countries.

The first-hand knowledge of the laws, regulations and local customs provided by the members of the ADADE International Advisory Group can give a valuable competitive advantage in the international market. Full incorporation of the ADADE group grants you a significantbenefit to your firm or cabinet, in relation to your competition and an important professional image in thearea of your influence.

If international laws complicate the development of its normal activity in a timely matter, appeal to different members of the ADADE International Advisory Group would provide a quick and appropriate solution to the problem in question.

The ADADE International Advisory Group is continuously growing, currently with priority in Latin America, which does not exclude any country in the world. The members of the Group offer a service characterized by seriousness, confidentiality and quality and with an outstanding record in advising companies. From the ADADE Group we are interested in contacting consultants who may be interested in joining our Group.

As a member, you may benefit from national and international conferences that take place and will have the opportunity to cooperate in stechnical studies, publications, training and exchange visits.

Advantages of ADADE Group

  • Become an international delegate of the Group.
  • Access to all group members.
  • Your data will appear on the Group’s website.
  • You will have specific mail accounts of the ADADE Group.
  • You will participatein the general developing of the group’smagazine.
  • You are welcome to attend the annual convention of the group, both in Spain and currently in Latin America, as well as in other countries as they are joining the Group in order to promote the relations between the various members of both personal and professional.
  • You will have right to use the logo of the ADADE Group.

Business model

  • Besides specified above, you may develop the business model of the ADADE Group in your country.
  • This allows you to create a network of offices in your country similar to the Group at international level.
  • You will create associates and a network of partners supervised and controlled by you, under the supervision and management of the ADADE Group.
  • This business model gives you income in two different ways, a direct through quotas of the various offices and another indirectly through the transfer to your consultancy the different services made by other consultancies of your network.
  • Once created the network you will become an advisory of great importance and relevance within the national scene in your country.
  • It also allows youto have access to get increasingly important customers within the business framework in your country.

Criteria of entry of new members

The profile of future members of the ADADE International Advisory Group would read as follows:

  • Have an office open to the public.
  • Provide audit, fiscal and accounting and labor services, or similar.
  • Added services as business financing, business recovery and insolvency, human resources, etc.

Others factors to take in account:

  • Good quality and methodology standards.
  • The number of employees is not critical, but generally should not be less than 10 people. Anyway, each company is evaluated on its own merits.
  • Have a wide portfolio of customers and a trajectory of significant growth.
  • Within its portfolio of customers would be timely, not exclusive, that some of them have international character.
  • Have anadequate professional liability insurance.
  • Willingness to share knowledge and participate in the activities of the ADADE Group.

Application for new members

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Pedro Toledano
Phone. +34 685 674 199


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