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The ADADE Advisory Groupis made up of prestigious firms that offer comprehensive advice to companies. This circumstance gives the Group a high degree of specialization based on the high qualifications of its professionals.

From theADADEAdvisory Group, we give the opportunity to business consultants who provide a comprehensive service to the company having a recognized prestige within their provinces and the opportunity to form part of this Group and its project by joining as an associate.

The general objective of the ADADE Advisory Group is to support the professional and business development of the membersthrough a collaborative partnership, both individuallyand through their participation in the provision of global services to customers, and becoming all together aninfluential group in the sector,for the benefit of our customers and partners.

Within the specific objectives of the Group we can cite the following:

  • Provision of global services.
  • Professional collaboration between consultancies.
  • Accessto customers with national representation, associations, franchises, groups, etc.
  • Shared media and services.
  • Expansion and consolidation of the Group nationwide.
  • Expansion and diversification of services provided by each consultancy.
  • Consolidate and improve the services provided by each consultancy.
  • Develop specific training plans tailored to the needs of the Group.
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience through working sessions.
  • Promotion of quality certification in all consultancies of the Group.

Positioning of ADADE Group

ADADE is consolidated in the tenth place in the national ranking of auditors and advisers, as published by the newspaper Expansion, El Economista and Boletín Internacional.

The ADADE Group maintains its privileged position among the best auditing and consultancy firms nationwide, thus confirming its consolidation among the most advanced companies in the sector.


By becoming a partner of ADADE, the entrepreneur does not have to relinquish any part of his business in terms of shareholding structures. It neither affects the organizational or hierarchical structure of his firm.

One of the essential factors for the successful development of the Group is the respect for the independence of each of its components, designed to maintain the personalized attention to its customers based on the business relationship they share.

Thus, the adhesion of a firm to our group does not contract any interference with the normal operation there of, nor from the structural, hierarchical, shareholder point of view, etc. Because we believe that it is essential to the success of the Group to respect the independence of each of the partners.

Group ADADE is a nonprofit association whose main purpose is the consolidation and projection of all its members.

Lines of work to develop

  1. To consolidate the national group across joining of the principal offices.
  2. Expand and diversify the portafolio of services.
  3. To assure the future growth of our consultancies.
  4. To guarantee and to improve the current services.
  5. To design plans of permanent training for partners and employees.
  6. To promote the meetings works exchanging experiences.
  7. To promote a homogeneous informatics.
  8. To undertake projects of innovation and new technologies.
  9. To establish gradually the quality certification in the whole group.

Proposal of the ADADE Group

  1. Consolidation and expansion of ADADE GROUP at national and international level.
  2. Collaboration aimed at offering high level consulting services, with the best asesorias.
  3. Commitment. Voluntary participation in financial support to the group and its projects.
  4. Independence. Essential for the success of the Group respect the independence of each of the partners.
  5. Professionalism. The capacity, diligence, seriousness, formation(training) and relation with the client, are aspects that provide a high degree of professionalism to us.
  6. Specialization. Cornerstone of the Group , allows us on the basis of the communication and the services of the partners, to solve any type of casuistry.
  7. Continuous training. Essential for adaptation to the rapid legislative and technological modifications.
  8. New projects. Development of projects directed to stimulating and marking the difference with the rest of companies of the sector.

Benefits of ADADE network

We offer you to be part of a national and international network under the brand and corporate image of a prestigious group.

  • Become part of one of the leading firms of the sector with many years of activity and composed by consultancies of first order in our country.
  • Be part of a large and consolidated network with a high degree of specialization, capable to provide a personalized and continuous attention to the customers.
  • Be part of an advisory group with a structure that allows its partners to offer a multidisciplinary quality.
  • Be part of a corporate group with a network of professionals that allows you to provide comprehensive advice anywhere in the country and thus to increase the potential for customer acquisition through strategic alliances with different members of the Group.
  • Have training plans for various professionals of the firm in the different areas, legal, accounting, commercial, labor, etc.
  • Use recognized databases of legislation and jurisprudence, as Aranzadi, Tirant lo Blanc,free of charge.
  • Have of a central internal purchases, as well as preferences in negotiations with entities and opportunity costs.
  • Reap the benefits of communication campaigns and advertising media published by the Group.
  • Take advantage of the periodic informational newsletters extensible to your customers ina personalized way.
  • Mutual advice through the members that make up the Group, access to specialized forums in Intranet, exchange of information and experiences, etc.
  • Access to various services through special agreements of the Group: training ,publishing products, etc.
  • Have a quality manual especially developed for ADADE for the subsequent individual implementation in the various firms, conducive to obtaining a certification in quality.
  • Be part of an international network in expansion.
  • Have a website of institutional reference.
  • Have email accounts with the format, as well as customized accounts for your employees.

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La Rioja
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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