Group ADADE aims to form a comprehensive network of offices Associates, and to consolidate the Group's presence at international level.

We are present in all the autonomous communities, namely 26 provinces with more than 40 offices in the national environment. On an international level we are currently present in 11 countries, namely Portugal, Chile, Guatemala, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Panama and the US (Miami - FL).

Group ADADE provides new Associates and International Delegates with the framework of a prestigious brand. In short, we are offering the opportunity to join our Group and take part in its project.

The overall objective of the Group ADADE is to support the professional and business development of Group members, both individually and through their participation in the provision of global services to clients. Thus, together we shall become a more influential group in the sector to the benefit of both our customers and associates.


As an associated

As an international delegate