Fiscal and Accounting Consulting

In ADADE you will find a large group of tax consultants and accounting professionals with the solid professional experience and qualifications necessary to provide personalised advice tailored to your company's characteristics.

Group ADADE offers a highly qualified Tax and Accounting advisory service in an area of ​​vital importance for developing and optimising the company's various resources. The Group adjusts these services to the client’s specific needs.

As experienced and professional tax and accounting advisors, we are aware and we can realise that in recent times the legislative changes in tax and accounting issues are constantly forcing companies to outsource these services.

This is why Group ADADE's tax consultants and accounting professionals provide the customer with first-rate expert advice.

Tax and Accounting Department consists of professional accountants and tax advisers of the first order who have graduated in Business Administration in Management and Business Administration, Business Studies Diplomas, Auditing and Chartered Accountancy.

In order to offer this advice in the most professional manner and the best of conditions, we must be constantly updating our information and expertise. To this end, Group ADADE has a Training Department, which is responsible for keeping all the specialists that make up that Department fully trained to offer the best service possible.

Our tax consultants and accounting professionals carefully examine your case and will provide the best solutions at all times. With Group ADADE  there are only advantages.

Tax Advisory Service


  • VAT.
  • Companies.
  • Transmissions of property and stamp duty.
  • Income in all its forms.
  • Objective estimation.
  • Annual tax summaries.
  • Information returns.
  • Census returns.
  • Statement of Activities Tax (IAE).
  • Tax returns.
  • Intrastat declarations operations.
  • Preparation of different types of statements or summaries, whether monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  • Inspections by tax officials.
  • Assistance on behalf of our clients to requirements of any government agency.
  • Appeals, proceedings and complaints to government agencies.

Accounting Advisory Service


  • General, financial and analytical accounting for large companies.
  • General Accounting for SMEs and microenterprises.
  • General accounting, business, professional, artistic and agricultural and livestock activities.
  • Accounting and official records, under direct objective and simplified assessment.
  • Objective assessment modules and coefficients.
  • Official records of VAT.
  • Auditing.
  • Upgrading and updating of accounts in arrears.
  • Management reports, annual reports and accounts Reg Merc.
  • Studies and analyses of financial performance.
  • Permanent and timely advice in all matters and needs of each client.