One of the keys to getting a favourable reception in these difficult times is to provide personalised, trustworthy client care through fluid communications. Thus, our practice of avoiding remote services disassociated from a direct and effective relationship is essential to our growth.

Group ADADE has gained experience over a great many years by working with hundreds of companies in all business sectors, and the Group knows how to establish the most fructiferous communications links with client companies.

Our organisation and coordination, our specific analysis of each case and personalised attention allows us to provide our clients with the best solutions to their problems and, in many cases, to prevent and anticipate the various circumstances that might arise. Through our experience, we have built up a team composed of Lawyers, Accountants, Economists, Social Graduates, Insurance Brokers, Engineers and other professionals in all fields of consulting; all these are at our clients disposal and they are equipped with the knowledge to solve the problems that affect them.

Our presence in the sector for over 30 years means that thousands of companies have put their trust in us because we place a large human organisation, complemented by the most advanced technical means, at their disposal; this enables us to provide an extremely wide range of services.

Group ADADE is the professional extension the company needs to develop its activity in commercial, tax, legal, labour and other areas.