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Who is more important for you – Driver or Passenger? 9 Jul 2020, 2:24 am

Taxi companies, also referred to as cab-hailing or ride-sharing companies, are scraping in massive profits by disrupting the local taxi market. As per the CNBC Disruptors report, the cab-hailing applications were major disruptors in 2018. Today, online taxi booking software is on the rise providing an opportunity for drivers to mint more money whereas convenience and comfort of taxi transportation to passengers. But an important question that lingers is whether the driver or the passenger is more important for your taxi-hailing business?

Taxi Driver

 A taxi or a cab driver is someone who is engaged in driving a taxi vehicle that is specifically used for public transportation. The driver usually works under a contract of service with a taxi service provider (employer). The taxi is used for the taxi service may be owned by the taxi driver or employer or as per the agreement between both.

Presently, a lot of taxi drivers operate cars, vans, SUVs, and limousines for carrying passengers from one location to another. They pick up passengers from a particular location, along with their luggage they might have, and drop them off at their destination in the most time-efficient and safest manner possible.

The organizations or employers the taxi and cab drivers work for are mostly independent taxi companies. Such companies may own a huge fleet of taxis or cabs and hire as many taxi drivers as required to the driver to drive their taxis. The taxi passengers make a request for a service using the taxi booking application installed on their smartphone. Taxi drivers receive the service request. Once they accept the request, they collect the passenger from designated place to drop them at their preferred destination. Taxi drivers then charge the passengers based on the distance traveled.

Some common responsibilities of taxi drivers involve the following:

  • Inspecting vehicle condition and ensuring it functions well
  • Connecting with dispatchers, taxi business owners, and passengers
  • Collecting passengers and driving them to their destination
  • Responding to accidents or emergencies in an appropriate manner
  • Recording passenger rides, fares and working hours

While these are responsibilities a taxi driver is required to fulfill on a day-to-day basis, some essential qualities they are expected to have are:

  1. Location Familiarity – When recruiting a taxi driver, one of the prime quality you would expect is their familiarity with the local areas. They must possess a good amount of knowledge pertaining to the areas they need to visit. They must know the shortcuts to avoid areas with heavy traffic. This will help passengers get their destination quickly and efficiently.
  1. Punctuality & Reliability – This is another essential a driver needs to have. They must be able to pick up and drop off the passenger at the desired location at the right time. This requires a taxi business to hire developers with a good reputation for being both reliable and punctual.
  1. Good Communication – This is the key for drivers to ensure better customer service. The drivers should be able to engage passengers in positive, healthy discussion and freely ask for feedback.
  1. Passenger Safety – Safety is the prime-most concern for passengers when it comes to hailing a taxi. This requires you to look for drivers with right driver training and attitude who can ensure passengers’ safety.
  1. No Criminal Background – A thorough background check is of utmost significance when it comes to hiring a taxi driver. Ensure to hire a taxi driver with no criminal record and no major accidents. This, in turn, ensures that you are less likely to invite any danger or causalities to your passengers and business.

Taxi Passenger 

In the digitized taxi business world, a taxi passenger is a person who seeks to or hails a taxi by a taxi-hailing application using their smartphone. As explained above, the passenger books a taxi from the white label taxi booking passenger app installed on their mobile phone to request for a ride. Once the driver arrives at the requested location, the passenger gets on the vehicle and the driver drives off to the destination.

Taxi-booking applications have gained immense popularity in recent years. It is due to the passengers that the taxi firms are minting billions of dollars in revenue today. The demand for such applications have increased tremendously and a major factor for its success is passenger service and satisfaction. A lot of taxi business and drivers make great efforts to ensure a pleasant passenger service and satisfaction. However, there have been instances where passengers turn out to be hard to deal with. In such a case, it becomes imperative to understand some characteristics both taxi service providers and drivers expect out of the passengers:

  1. Safety – Passengers are expected to ensure their own safety by wearing the seatbelts with or without being asked to do so.
  1. Keep Conversations Calm – When boarding a car, drivers are in a relaxed state of mind. Getting them worked up with negative or irritating conversations can lead to arguments, eventually deviating driver’s focus from effective driving.
  1. Intolerance for drunk/speedy driving – Passengers must never tolerate drivers driving at a high speed or even when they are drunk. This can likely cause fatal casualties.
  1. Pay the Fare – The functioning of the entire taxi-booking business and operation is reliant on the income accrued from the passengers. As a result, the passengers must pay a fair fare to the drivers after they have used the taxi service.

Who is More Important for Your Taxi Business?  

Considering the points outlined above, it is safe to say that both taxi drivers and passengers are equally important for a taxi business. While a taxi passenger brings in revenue for your taxi business, a taxi driver is the one who operates your vehicles to make your business highly functional and serves passengers efficiently. Alongside, an online taxi booking software, both drivers and passengers act as pillars to your mobile-based taxi-booking business.

Who according to you is more important for a taxi-hailing business – driver or passenger? Please do share your views with us using the comments area below.

Author – Bio

Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading shuttle booking software. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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An Enigmatic Contraption to monitor Your Family Phone using Spy Phone 8 Jul 2020, 2:11 am

Your family should always come first whenever you think of proper safety precautions for your loved ones. So, when it is about tracking or monitoring the precise and exact whereabouts of your kids and loved ones, a spy phone app with the GPS Mobile Tracker facility would be the best fit for personal monitoring on your loved ones and kids. It is a protective contrivance especially when things are going topsy turvy in the virtual sphere. Even when cyber threats are rising their ugly heads along with so many other social evils, these spy phone apps propose to make the world a better place to live in.

You Can Track phone contacts and locations of your kids

There are some specific phases in life when you strongly feel that your son or daughter might not be mixing or socializing with the right sort of people. Such thoughts are quite contagious and they can take a toll on the peace of your mind. Many a time, you might want to take a look at the contact list of your kid’s phone. However, you have to recede considering that your kids might strongly object to that and things could end up in a heated brawl. However, the spy phone app lets you stay relaxed on this issue.

It’s not merely an app: It’s a guardian Angel

There are some specific functions in this app that will adequately help you track the contact lists in the phone. So, you can always stay updated about who your kids are conversing with. Apart from sneaking into the contact list with the help of the app, you will find a perfect opportunity to track down the location of your kids with the opportune help of this app. So, it would essentially save you from the hassles of sleepless nights when your kids are late in coming home. That would be something of great relief. Isn’t it?

The app serves like a Balancing act in your life

 Spy phone app is evidently a great initiative. It not only enhances the safety measures but also helps you maintain a healthy balance in the relationship you share with your kids. With this app installed in the phone of your kids you no longer need to keep up an appearance like that of an overprotective parent. So, use this app and sweeten your relationship with your kids.

It’s a branded app with positive values

 When you compare this app with many other spying apps in the market, you will surely find a positive spin in it. It’s an app with a purpose. There’s nothing gibberish about it. The basic philosophy of the app is to strengthen the bond which should be there in a family without getting the family ties between the parents and the kids jeopardized in any way. With this app, you can keep tracking every movement of your kids. The best part is that they don’t get to know anything about it. So, it provides a quick solution to a lot of your troubles and your kids can also stay happy.

After all, they feel that there is comparatively less parental guidelines and restrictions imposed on them. However, in reality, you continue to keep an eye on what they would be doing. So, you can restrict them from taking a wrong step when they are on the verge of committing a mistake. Essentially, this app is playing the role of a good samaritan who is never going to give up on you when you need its support.

It’s easy to avail

Availing the superior edge as well as support from the spy phone app is no big deal at all. You can count on Google play store and Apple store for a seamless download experience. While downloading the app, you should read the descriptions well in order to get a good glimpse of how it works. If you are really looking to go deep under the skin of it, then you can take a virtual tour of the official website of the spy Phone app. For a amazing out experience of the app, you can check all the details at

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Tips for Modern Apple Smartwatch 8 Jul 2020, 1:35 am

Are you seeking out for a modern watch? Despite the continuous madness of 2020, there has still never been a better time to purchase one, and there are well over 100 brands worth your attention. Still, the apple watch series is the best among all on the advert featuring impressive smart looks, extraordinary highlights,  potentially life-saving health tools, slick notifications and higher app count. In any case, you stay spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a new apple smartwatch which has the best features and suits your style and budget and leaves you confused.

It’s a complex blend of smartwatches presently, with over 100 distinctive flavours once you calculate within the assortment of case materials, colours, sizes with interchangeable bands. Hence, there are a bunch of tough choices to make. We’ve gathered the most exceptional Apple watch prices and deals as of now accessible online.

The most recent Apple smartwatch series five begins at $399 / £399 for the GPS-only show, expanding to $499 / £499 for having both GPS and cellular. Another Apple Watch 5 Nike version can be accessed at a low rate of $399 / £399. The declaration of the Apple Observe 5, has dropped the ‘standard’ cost for the Apple Observe 4 and Apple Observe 3, keeping Apple Observe deals sound and making your smartwatch shopping more reasonable,  with extra discounts.

Do Apple watches justify the high cost?

In case you’re trying to find a smartwatch to work together with your iPhone, no other brand comes near to advertising the usefulness of Apple’s claim timepiece. Whereas the Apple watch cost is still higher than numerous other brands, you’re paying for integration with an enormous number of apps you’re as of now utilizing on your iPhone. Additionally, with all the Apple watch deals happening and the later program overhauls to more seasoned models, you’ll effortlessly get an extraordinary deal.

How much apple watch series cost?

Apple Watch Series 5 was revealed in September 2019, and it’s the most advanced device from the company’s wearable line yet, and it costs about 7,948 baht.

Apple Watch Series 3, an older series that was released in 2017 is still a great device and above all cheaper than ever, and its price is about 6,600 baht.

Apple Watch Series 2   is an advancement on the first watch in several ways, and all of them are valuable. The amplified battery life, the GPS capacities and the water-resistance presently make this a compelling smartwatch and is offered for 11,700 baht.

Apple Watch Series 4 cost changes over each of the four varieties: 40mm and 44mm sizes, and with or without cellular / LTE service. The 2018 model carries a more current, slimmer design than the past series 3 Apple Observe, with an expanded screen estimate to boot.

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm, priced at 9,300 baht and 44mm, priced at 10,900 baht.

Why select an apple brand for watches?

Not only the apple offers super amazing designs and looks but also has furnished them with many aesthetic features that you are surely going to enjoy. It moreover tracks numerous sorts of work out, such as strolling, running, cycling, yoga, swimming, etc., and can report real-time workout information within the workout app. It can also work as a sleep tracker when assisting with other apps and can detect deep sleep duration and snoring sounds too. The watch is provided with a record sound feature on the Voice Recorder app. You can also tune in to music with music apps, such as Apple Music (can set up playlists for working out), which must be associated to other gadgets, earphones, speakers, etc. connected to Bluetooth. It can assist in taking pictures from the phone as well when you have attained the right frame for your image click from your watch to capture the photo without disturbing your frame. The watches featured with a GPS model allows you to make calls even when your phone is at a distant place. It also works as a notification centre and delivers all the notifications on time for all apps, including YouTube, messenger, email and others. Another super lifesaver feature that it encloses is allowing you to make emergency SOS calls during any accident or a terrible condition. And within the Apple watch series, 5 GPS + Cellular models can also be utilized to form crisis calls around the world.

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Tips for designing clinics and medical websites 7 Jul 2020, 8:41 pm

The website represents your clinic virtually, so make sure the design is pleasant, with proper frame-work, and it does not matter if your organization is a primary physician as long as you have a fully functional attractive website as that would be the first thing people search and scout before trying out for an appointment.

Your website can speak about the practice you do, and if you are good at conveying your expertise and services, then you would have a good flow of customers to your site and build your reputation among a wide range of individuals.

Most healthcare professionals do not understand the importance and benefits of an online website platform for their practice. Their primary focus would be managing the visitor experience rather than focusing on getting more new patients. On the internet, there are a high number of medical websites, and a lot of websites appear similar to each other. The most prominent feature of a medical website is its uniqueness and content to improve its ranking on search engines.

A few tips are mentioned below to guide you in developing an effective design for your medical websites:

HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Website Design

The essential feature your website must possess is it should be compliant with HIPPA. You can consider learning about what kind of design can help you in obtaining new patients at a later part, but firstly, make sure you provide a high level of safety to your patients.

Always keep in mind that the people who are accessing your website are most likely to be in distress, so make sure your website is user-friendly, and the user can navigate through your site easily. This helps in satisfying your patients and making them consider you again for future purposes.

Design for your audience

Every kind of specialty requires a different kind of ambiance; for example, a pediatrician office contains several drawings and play areas for kids. So, make sure your design of choice for your website complies with your specialization.

Keep Your Design Simple and Clear

Make your website design simple and make sure the page’s loading speed is less so that the user doesn’t change to another site. Present your information neatly, which makes it easier for the user to understand your services. You can make your website neat and clear by including the correct amount of photos, videos, information, and making it user-friendly.

 Incorporate Responsive Design

Make sure that your website can be viewed on any platform such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets to find no difficulty accessing your content. Also, keep in mind that a huge amount of traffic comes from mobile contact, so make sure that your design adapts to the mobile display in a perfect way.

And this isn’t valid only for regular pages, but also for particular sections, like tables, for example.

If the website has to compare various packages that are offered by the clinic, a WordPress table plugin by TMS Outsource should come in handy here. One like wpDataTables will generate responsive tables that can be read easily on any device.

Include visuals (but not too many)

It is observed that when compared to textual information, pictures and videos are highly noticeable and create a good impact; having an introductory video on the home page is more effective than including long text information.

Hence, websites with more visual content perform better compared to the ones without any visual content. However, you need to make sure that you are not exceeding the limit as that makes your website look clumsy and harder to access.

Offer Appointment Booking Online

As the medical practice website is available throughout, you can bring in new patients at any point in time and for doing this, make sure the patients feel comfortable contacting you at any point of time for appointment by including your contact information on the site.

An even better option is to use a WordPress booking plugin so that you can make the booking interaction easier for them, and for the clinic’s staff.  An alternative to the WordPress option is to use something like Timezy. After all, not all websites are WordPress based.

Make it interactive

Ensure that your website is interactive and user-friendly so that the viewer finds it easier to contact you at any point of time and make sure that you encourage your clients to schedule an appointment by just clicking a button as most users prefer it that way rather than visiting the office.

Ensure that whatever goal you have set in your mind for your website makes it easier for your users to help you achieve it.

Showcase Testimonials

Showcasing your previous work is always an excellent way to build trust among your new users. No matter how compelling your words are, most people wouldn’t dare to use a site with no reviews and reputation. So, displaying the reviews or positive videos from your previous patients is an excellent idea to increase your viewers.

Let Your Website Tell Your Story

Having proper training and a qualified medical degree isn’t of much use when you don’t have a reputation and popularity.

Making sure that your practice stands unique from the crowd, and using your story develops a brand. By sharing your personal story regarding your profession, you can connect with your customers emotionally, and this step is crucial to establish yourself as a respectable brand.

 Keep On-Page SEO in Mind

If your website design is perfect, it can help you make your website highly ranked in search engines. This process is generally called Search Engine Optimization, is most popularly known as SEO. Though it appears easier in concept, it takes a lot of effort to build a structured SEO design.

Avoid Distractions

You often have a great deal of confusion when including information in your homepage, but try to make sure that your homepage doesn’t appear clumsy and always portray your message in a clear and organized manner with some white spaces and proper fonts.

Choose the right color scheme.

When you compare one medical website to the other, you will notice that they each require a different kind of content, format, and pictures, but there is one common aspect: the usage of white and blue colors. Using white color depicts sterility and helps in making an impression of credibility.

Choice of fonts

The font you have made for your site speaks a lot about your brand’s personality, so make sure you use a pleasant, trendy font that makes your presentation appear serious. Make sure the size of the font is big enough to read easily.

Don’t Skip the “Small” Stuff

Every minute detail such as phone number, email, etc, matters when you are discharging a patient from your healthcare website. A simple mistake can also make your patients lose their trust and contact other websites for their purpose. Re-evaluate your website if you feel your website is missing some content.

Addressing insurance and financial policies

One of the most common queries that reside in every patient’s mind is whether the health insures covers their hospital charges and if it covers, then is it covering only the partial expenses or the overall expense. People like to be fully prepared regarding such life-changing situations, and hence, if you need to make your customers trust you then include financial clauses on your website.

It is mandatory to have a properly structures website to increase your customers and include good versatile content. Pleasing design with a proper navigation would help you in impressing your users.

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What to verify before launching a new website 7 Jul 2020, 8:33 pm

The final step of website design is launching it, which is the most exciting moment as all the hard work and effort you have kept on the design, content, and making your site user-friendly. Sometimes, during the launching of a site, you might forget some things in your hurry and get disappointed later. To avoid these situations, prepare a checklist to cross-check everything to ensure nothing is left unchecked.

Although you have finished developing your website with all the necessary content to it, the work is not done completely as you still need to conduct some tests to check the functionality of the site regarding all the activities.

Websites are complex, and you need to make sure everything works just fine before you launch them. A proper checklist to ensure that your site is properly checked before launching is as follows:

Make sure all the site’s URLs are live and function properly

Sometimes, websites are developed on a separate platform that enables you to test things in different ways. Once you finalize the performance and the content, you can go to the next phase, that is the production and alter all the URLs which is not so easy.

Check site speed

Here is a fact from the history of how a renowned website has lost nearly twenty percent of its traffic due to a time delay of 0.5 seconds. Hence, if such an esteemed and widely used website faced such a downfall, then you can imagine the extent of damage the delay in page loading can do to your site.

Readability Testing

It is advisable to make your site undergo a readability test the moment you include some fresh content to your site and specifically before you launch your site.

The presentation of your site content should be:

  • Huge enough to be easily readable by your target audience,
  • Segregated to readable chunks with small sentences, bullet points, and lots of whitespaces.
  • No spelling or grammatical errors.

Make sure your navigation works

Always ensure that the user finds your website easy to use and access different pages of your site without any complications.

The browsing experience of your site has to be smooth and easy, so that any visitor doesn’t find it hard to jump from their current page to the desired one. Don’t design cool websites just for the sake of the design. Make them practical and make sure navigation works properly.

Meta Description

Although your information descriptions are not vital for SEO, they do play an important role in the display of search results when people browse. So, make sure that your content is attractive. Else you would lose a potential visitor from accessing your site. Make sure your site has some subheadings with attractive wordings.

Replace all placeholder images with final images and designs

Whenever a designer doesn’t have the perfect asset during a page creation, then they can utilize a placeholder image for a temporary purpose, and before launching, they can be replaced with perfect images.


Although your website has got perfect design and content, it cannot have a higher rank on search engines without good SEO, and for having a good SEO, make sure you researched what kind of keywords to use that makes your site get a high rank.

Generate a robots.txt File

You must be aware of sitemaps, and these robots.txt files are a bit similar to those; the only difference is that with these files, you can also suggest crawlers regarding the external links and how to block specific agents, etc.

Upload a favicon

The website favicon appears as a little image for your logo or brand on the address bar and help in increasing the credibility of your website and present some extra information for your company to improve user experience with the site.

Check Your Website on Mobile Devices

Nowadays, more than half of the individuals use mobile phones for surfing through the internet, and if your website is not mobile-friendly, then you might encounter some problems with as mentioned follows:

  • Less interactive site
  • The media images may not be properly displayed on small screens.

So to conclude it in one sentence, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and also it is advisable to perform some functionality tests of your site using mobile to detect any problems and rectify them.

Cross-browser testing

Sometimes, though your design appears to be perfect in every aspect, it might not look great in IE (yes, it still exists), so make sure that you check how your website functions among different browsers. Although it might not be picture-perfect, make sure it is displayed decently.

Make sure you have clear call-to-action buttons

One of the most important tests that you should not ignore before launching your site is testing the Call-to-action buttons, which are very vital for you to build an email list of your visitors or direct them to the highly important locations where you convert them.

Ensure that rights to images, fonts, and other content have been properly licensed or cited.

Make the site interactive

To sell your product or service, use video on the homepage. Not all people have time to read every part of your website. A video will quickly feed them the info they need.

Instead of using boring text addresses on your contact page, add a Google Maps embed with a WordPress map plugin, so you can humanize your company more and gain trust from your visitors.

Run compatibility testing

Often there are a lot of plugins that don’t interact well with each other, and thus, it is advisable to do a compatibility test with the help of plugins such as PHP Compatibility Checker to avoid any glitches due to the plugin or theme or update complications.

Purchase an SSL certificate

Ensuring that your website has an SSL certificate can help you in safeguarding your website and allocates data between the servers.

In case your website does not have an SSL, then Google will most likely label your website as an insecure one, which can create trust issues and decrease the visitor flow to your website.

Make sure the 404 pages are set up correctly

At times visitors may incorrectly copy-paste your website URL or click on a faulty link, so keeping such circumstances in mind, make sure you have a 404 page set up readily so that the customer can realize his mistake instead of getting confused.

Put a backup solution in place

Make sure you have a backup ready for your website before you launch it so that in case of any unprecedented situations, you still have got all your data saved. This way, you wouldn’t have a problem if any problems occur during or after the launch of the website.


Having a clear analytical report regarding visitor estimation is very crucial for you to create an effective website. So, thus make sure you have it ready before you develop your site so that you can make necessary changes in your build before-hand. Google Analytics is still the best option considering it’s free.

Delete any unwanted plugins

At last, make sure your dashboard works properly and delete any plugins that are not necessary to maintain a spacious and efficient WordPress site. Also, check for any plugins that you have installed during installation and remove any unnecessary plugins before you launch your website.

Using the above list, you can make sure that your website runs smoothly and safely after launch.

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10 Best EduBlogs in 2020 7 Jul 2020, 7:14 pm

Today, the information space of a modern teacher and student almost always contains a virtual component. Using the Internet, both realize their information needs and requests, improve their skills, and communicate with colleagues and classmates. And blogs became an integral part of this space.

Education blogs are a source of useful knowledge and inspiration, and their number is constantly growing. There are also various types of edublogs. It can be a simple thematic learning blog, dedicated to a specific scientific problem, the pages of which will contain many literary sources and materials that relate to and are directly related to a particular scientific field. It can be a blog, used as a reader’s diary, the main task of which will be to form the ability to navigate the world of books and texts of interesting scientific articles. It can be a blog of the online community, the purpose of which will be to communicate with like-minded individuals to enrich them with new ideas and techniques. It can be a blog of a university newspaper on a specific scientific subject with a large number of registered readers. It can also be a training blog that is used as a portfolio of its owner, where he or she reflects the individuality and professional achievements, etc.

Below we offer you to get acquainted with the 10 best edublogs in 2020.

Wabisabi Learning

Wabisabi Learning is a well-known online community that includes all things related to education. Training materials are published here daily. You can find a lot of useful and inspiring information.


This training blog presents a large number of materials related to the field of innovation. Edutopia, which is inherently (and therefore in structure) significantly different from traditional educational blogs, has a huge number of relevant scientific articles and publications related to innovation. Edutopia’s authors constantly monitor the organization of educational materials, creating convenient, simple navigation through the archives. Also, Edutopia’s value is directly proportional to the quantity and quality of materials contained in it.


It is a teaching and learning hub dedicated to the field of innovative education. KQED takes this industry seriously, and daily improves its blog with informative, useful posts for readers. They employ purely experienced, qualified authors who are always aware of the latest knowledge and modern technologies, which they share with the readers.


Possession of modern methods of transmission, storage, and processing of information is a requirement of the time when almost every experienced specialist is fluent in the skills of working in the Internet space. The education industry also considers it necessary to put educational networking resources. EdSurge has created its website, which broadcasts information on various scientific issues, covers important educational materials, and organizes entertainment events.


This blog specializes in providing materials in the field of technical education. It offers collective interaction of users in these areas, allowing them to organize joint educational activities, implement their communication skills, submit and exchange views on various scientific topics. Membership is required to gain full access to all ISTE features, but learning blogs are freely available.

The Innovative Educator

The author of this well-known Internet resource is Lisa Nielsen, who posts a large amount of diverse, extremely useful information on self-development on her blog. Opportunities for self-realization open up, as this blog is presented as a personal network space. Its advantage is that it gives people freedom of choice in the topics of the published material, increases the sense of responsibility for its content.

EdTech Roundup

EdTech Roundup is very popular among Internet users. It offers tons of educational materials related to technology, various mobile applications, reviews of devices, etc. This blog contains access to an endless resource of information data. This relevant and diverse (from various Internet sources) data is presented in multiple forms, which are available at any time to blog visitors, allowing to qualitatively and effectively develop the ability to work with information data.

EssayService Blog

Here you will find an impressive array of essay writing resources and a large number of how-to articles. The essayservice bog is incredibly well organized; you can find everything you need using specific tags. They also have a team of qualified academic writers who can help to improve your performance by writing any kind of writing assignment or supporting you within all learning education.


The author of this blog is the famous Richard Byrne. This person maintains his educational blog to conduct various social studies among different categories of the population. It is a treasure trove of resources for educators around the world. Here are collected innovative personal methods and a large number of educational materials. This blog allows the eyes of a person with direct experience to look at different things and provides a rare view of unknown social spheres. Also, FreeTech4Teachers offers an opportunity for each visitor to be involved and take an active part in solving critical social problems. FreeTech4Teachers also helps build communities around a variety of issues and industries and is a powerful and influential tool for networking, finding friends, and creating awareness of the many problems.

Cycles of Learning

There is a lot of space on this popular edublog for new thoughts and interesting questions and views, in particular on completely unknown to young people’s scientific issues. One of the greatest achievements of Cycles of Learning is the opportunity to gain other people’s experience. Here, people will read what they are interested in and exactly what inspires them; this blog is full of thoughts, drama, and human experiences! It is focused on providing readers with really high-quality material that is worth studying in detail.

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What are Vertical Monitors used for? 7 Jul 2020, 3:09 am

Mostly when people are looking for a new laptop or computer they go for a horizontal monitor. It doesn’t mean that the horizontal monitors are the best. The thing is that majority of the people are not aware of the benefits and uses of having vertical monitors. But with the advancement in technology people are becoming more and more aware of the amazing uses of vertical monitors.

A vertical monitor helps you read the content just like you are going through a book. You don’t have to move your head from one side to the other in order to fully grasp the content. With a vertical monitor, it becomes a lot easier when it comes to doing your work. When you are using a normal computer or monitor it really becomes hard to read the text. Some of the old monitors make it even harder for you to go through the entire text as it might not even display the full text properly on the screen. In order to avoid all these issues, you must get a vertical monitor.

Why choose a vertical monitor?

Choosing a vertical monitor over a horizontal monitor will prove to be very beneficial for you. A good quality vertical monitor provides the following main benefits:

Helps improve vision

One of the greatest benefits of using a vertical monitor is that it helps improve eyesight. Using a horizontal monitor makes it hard for people to focus on a particular text or content. It also makes it hard for you to read properly. On the other hand, using a vertical monitor makes it a lot easier for you to go through the entire text properly without putting too much burden on the eyes.

Whether you are using the monitor for reading, designing, coding, or forming a landscape it will all become easy with a vertical monitor. A vertical monitor will prevent the image from appearing blur on the screen. Moreover, you will be able to see the entire screen at once. You don’t have to move your head or exert extra concentration on the screen.

The image appears brighter on the screen

Another great benefit of using a vertical monitor is that it makes it easier for you to see the image on the screen. The image appears brighter and clearer on the screen. Pretty much everything that is displayed on the monitor looks best on the vertical monitor. All the colors appear bright in their best form. Even if you are working or creating a design you don’t have to scroll down the image or move your head from one side to the other.

Using a vertical monitor allows you to do your work with ease providing the best image quality possible. Most people use phones because it is easier to view the image on the phone without moving your head from side to side. If that’s the case then you must get the vertical monitor for yourself. Many graphic designers have also greatly benefited from using a vertical monitor.


Programmers and coders have greatly benefited from using a vertical monitor. Vertical monitors are ideal for coding purposes. In coding, you need to keep 80-100 lines for which the vertical monitors are the best choice. Using horizontal monitors makes it difficult for you to insert the coding data properly. Therefore if you are someone who is linked to programming and coding then you must get a vertical monitor.

Through a vertical monitor, you will be able to see all of your work properly. You won’t have to scroll down the screen in order t view your work. Therefore you must get a vertical monitor for properly working.

Since there are many benefits associated with getting a vertical monitor it is also important for people to keep in mind the major cons of getting a vertical monitor so that it will become easier for you to make a decision. Following are the major cons of getting a vertical monitor:

 It costs a lot of money

One of the major cons of getting a vertical monitor is that it will cost you money. If you think that you will be able to get the vertical monitor at an affordable rate then you need to correct yourself on that. Unlike the traditional landscape monitors, the vertical monitors cost a lot of money.

This is mainly because of the high-quality graphics and the image brilliance associated with a vertical monitor. Therefore before you think of getting a vertical monitor it is important for you to keep in mind that it will charge you double the amount compared to a horizontal monitor.

Not convenient for long term use

It’s a fact that it becomes easier to work on a vertical monitor compared to a horizontal computer. But when it comes to working in an office for longer hours you will find a horizontal monitor a lot better as compared to a vertical monitor. Many people think that it is easier to scroll down on the vertical monitor but it is only true to some extent.

Stacking two horizontal monitors together provides similar benefits as compared to a single vertical monitor. Therefore before you think of buying a vertical monitor you must go through the pros and cons of a vertical monitor and compare it with a horizontal monitor.


Whatever may be your choice you must make sure that the type of monitor you get fulfills your needs perfectly. If you are someone who works as a programmer or a coder then you must get s vertical monitor. It is the most ideal monitor for coding and programming. Many graphic designers have also benefited from Vertical monitors in doing their work. Whether it’s creating a new design or forming a 3D image you will find in a lot easier with the help of a vertical monitor. Therefore if you have the budget then you must choose a vertical monitor over other traditional horizontal monitors.

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What Is BIGO LIVE? 7 Jul 2020, 2:56 am

BIGO LIVE is a Singapore-based live video streaming app. Since its inception in 2014, the app has grown to become a top-grossing app and one of the most downloaded video streaming apps in the world. BIGO LIVE now has a presence in about 150 countries worldwide. Its broad demographic of users makes it a dynamic social live streaming app space.

Here are some of the distinct features of the app:

  1. An Ever-Growing User Base

With an ever-increasing global user base, BIGO LIVE is growing at a rate faster than average with over 400 million active users. It mainly has a massive presence across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

In Asia, its market is split across three major zones. In Southeast Asia, there is BIGO LIVE Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia; in Eastern Asia, there is BIGO LIVE Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan; in Southern Asia, there is BIGO LIVE India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

BIGO LIVE exists across the middle east in Egypt and Saudi Arabia; in the Americas, the US and in Europe, Russia, and the UK. BIGO LIVE continues to expand in different parts of the world as its user base grows.

  1. A Safe App Environment

BIGO LIVE fosters a safe environment guided by user policies and a community convention. These documents inform users about the platform and acceptable conduct on the app, the terms of content production, and the app owners’ responsibilities to app members.

BIGO LIVE’s community rules border on conduct, speech, attire, and privacy. If a member flouts the rules laid down by the app, they get BIGO LIVE banned. BIGO LIVE bans can either be a temporary suspension or outright termination.

  1. Different Broadcasting Modes

BIGO LIVE allows both broadcasters and viewers to enjoy quality live streaming. Some of the content that’s streamed on the platform include comedy, dancing, singing, and education. However, what sets BIGO LIVE apart is the different broadcasting options it provides on the app. These options include:

  • Live Streaming: Here, every user has an equal opportunity to showcase their talents to the very active users on the BIGO LIVE platform. Broadcasters get virtual gifts from their followers.
  • Live Video Chat: Friends and family can organize 1 to 1 video chats or extend it to 9 members using the multi-guest room option. You can even initiate a call with random persons using the match up function in the app.
  • Live Competition: Player versus player competition can be held in the BIGO LIVE app. These are called PKs. Here, two broadcasters go head-to-head to see who gets the most virtual gifts from their followers. It’s popular with the more established broadcasters on the platform. Moreover, new broadcasters have also gained life-changing opportunities from this app.
  1. Social Interactions

The social aspect of the BIGO LIVE app contributes greatly to its immersive experience. The crux of the social aspect of the app is the broadcaster and follower interaction. The app fosters social interaction via the following ways:

  • Live Chat: This is a general-purpose chat box for all viewers to react to a live stream they are watching. The live chat allows both viewers and broadcasters to interact via text and emojis.
  • Guest Live: This is the option where a fan who wishes to be featured in a broadcaster’s live stream requests for it during the show. More popular broadcasters often have a large pool of guest live requests to choose from, which makes it special for users who are picked.
  • Fans Ranking: The BIGO LIVE app daily ranks broadcaster fans on an all-time basis. The rankings are based on how well these fans relate with their favorite broadcasters. Fans can get a privileged position by getting a VIP membership on the platform.
  1. In-App Purchases And Reward Systems

The free and basic version of the BIGO LIVE app is completely ad-free. This makes the app enjoy wide acclaim among users.

In-app purchases on the app cater to the financial gap created by the app’s ad-free policies. These purchases allow users to convert their fiat money to Diamonds in the app. Members can then use the Diamonds credited to them to either purchase virtual gifts for broadcasters, or use them to attain VIP membership. VIP memberships come with chat priority during live streams and extra cosmetic effects in the app.

Broadcasters who receive virtual gifts from fans get credited Beans on a 1:1 basis with the Diamonds spent by fans. Broadcasters have the option to choose between cashing out their Beans with a minimum amount of 6700 Beans, or earn enough to buy Diamonds to purchase or renew VIP membership for themselves.


BIGO LIVE isn’t any regular live streaming app. It’s in use globally, with over 400 million active users. Its user policies and community guidelines protect both the app’s users as well as the owner company.

The social interactions and varied modes of creating and consuming content on the platform contribute to its immersive experience. BIGO LIVE tops it off by rewarding users and broadcasters in different ways.

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Top Tips to Help You Recover Data from iPhone with Broken Display 7 Jul 2020, 2:22 am

An iPhone is no doubt one of the coolest gadgets in town, but it is not invincible. So, it can be worrisome when this prized device breaks. Now, while you can make calls using another phone for the time being, you cannot see the information that is on your iPhone. So, what happens to the photos, videos, important files, text messages, business contacts, and everything else when your device gets damaged? It is said that the data loss is permanent if the iPhone breaks, as there is no way to recover it. That is true to a great extent because the design of the Apple devices makes it difficult to retrieve information once they are damaged.

You won’t be able to recover data that is stored on your iPhone if it is not functional or does not turn on. This is because of the encryption features of Apple’s mobile devices that safeguard user data. And, your photos, messages, contacts, reminders, call history, and other important information get encrypted by default. You can, however, recover your data when the screen of the iPhone is damaged, and it is still functional.

Here are a few tips for data recovery from an iPhone that has suffered a cracked screen.

How to recover data if your iPhone had trusted a computer before

 You can try this suggestion if your iPhone’s cracked screen is unresponsive. But, remember, it will only work if your device had “Trusted” a computer before, and the device can be turned on.

How to make your iPhone “Trust” Computer (when it is not broken or damaged):

You can make your iPhone trust both Mac and Windows PCs. But, it is much easier to retrieve data if you are using Mac, as then you will be using the same Apple ID for both your computer and iPhone.

In case you are using Windows PC, make sure it has the latest updated version of Windows 10, and then download the latest version of iTunes from Apple’s site. iTunes will enable you to sync your iPhone content with Windows PC.

When you connect your iPhone to a computer (Mac or Windows PC) for the first time, you get an alert on the phone, asking “Trust this Computer.” If you tap the “Trust” option, your computer will get access to the information on your device. This “Trust” can help you recover your data when your iPhone gets damaged.

What you have to do to recover iPhone Data:

  • Connect your broken iPhone to the computer (Mac or Windows PC) that it had trusted before. After that, open iTunes on your computer.
  • Click the Device button, which is located near the top left of the iTunes window.
  • Select Summary from the Settings menu on the left.
  • Select “This Computer” from the backup options.
  • You can choose to encrypt your data by selecting, “Encrypt [device] backup,” type a password, and click Set Password.
  • Choose Back Up Now.
  • The backups will be stored on your computer.

How to recover data if your iPhone “never” trusted a computer before

In case your broken iPhone had never trusted a Mac or Windows PC before, you have to first sync it with your computer. You can try this step only if your damaged device is still functional and its Home button is responsive.

The responsive Home button will enable you to use Siri and VoiceOver to get the “Trust this Computer” alert. With VoiceOver, you can use your iPhone even when you are unable to see what is on its cracked screen. It offers you an audible description of what is on the screen.

What you have to do:

  • Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone and activate Siri.
  • Say “Turn on VoiceOver”.
  • Press the Home button twice to bring up the Passcode screen.
  • Use that part of the iPhone screen that is responsive to touch, and swipe left and right. This will enable your VoiceOver cursor to move on different Passcode numbers.
  • VoiceOver will inform you about the selected number. Then, double click to select the Passcode numbers.
  • Once your iPhone gets unlocked, connect it to your computer (Mac or Windows PC).
  • You will get “Trust this Computer” alert, with “Trust” and “Don’t Trust” options.
  • Use VoiceOver to tap on “Trust”.
  • You can back up information that is stored on your iPhone using iTunes.

If you cannot use this option to recover data from your broken iPhone, it is best to get help from professionals.

Contact third-party iPhone repair centers

When your iPhone or its screen gets damaged, contact a repair center to get it fixed. And, you can request the technicians to retrieve the data first, and then begin the repair process. They are likely to have the right tools and expertise to recover the data and ensure that your photos, videos files, messages, and contacts do not get lost permanently. But, before you hand over your device to the center, make sure that it is a trusted and reputed one.

 Final Words

Backing up is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t lose your important data if your device gets damaged. So, if you own an iPhone, make sure to back up its information. You can do that by using iCloud, which is Apple’s cloud-based storage and backup solution. You can also use iTunes, which automatically backs up your iPhone when you connect it to your computer. There are, however, no solutions available to protect your beloved device from accidental damages. In that case, getting help from a trusted iPhone repair centre will be wise.

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OSM Geocoding: The Basics, Benefits, and Handling Large Data Volume 7 Jul 2020, 2:08 am

Nowadays, location is an essential feature of everyone’s life. Maps are constantly used by millions of people across various domains. And that has transformed geography into a major business. This has also led to the emergence of numerous location industries, as well as, geospatial data providers.

But the only thing that sets OSM (OpenStreetMap) apart is transparency. Besides, OSM utilizes a more advanced approach when displaying data in the maps. You can easily add missing features to the location maps using OSM.

The Basics

OpenStreetMap (OSM) development is based on several factors that have contributed to its rapid growth. First, it’s represented by the creation of the interactive web. And second, it’s represented by the availability of GPS (Global Position System). With the current technological advancements, collecting geographical information using smartphones plus mobile devices has become increasingly popular. And all this data and information can contribute to OSM.

Since OSM is free, it’s being used in numerous applications, organizations, and services. Aside from its versatility, the OSM database is also easily accessible. Visualization of data is another incredible feature available in OSM. Even more, the OSM database can safely store metadata at the node level. If you’re looking for an affordable way to produce geographical data, make OSM your ultimate choice. It utilizes sophisticated technologies that enrich the map database.

Map and OSM Service Integration

Integration of the Internet and GIS can provide excellent capabilities, such as accessibility to interactive maps and real-time geospatial data analysis. OSM has implemented and advanced tool referred to as Nominatim that helps with both geocoding and reverse geocoding.

With this tool, you can make quick searches in the OSM database by name and address. Most companies have implemented this technology via APIs. Geocoding is a process that transforms zip code addresses into geographic coordinates (longitudes and latitudes). However, if you need to convert numerical geographical coordinates into zip code or postal address, then you’ll need a reverse geocoding process.

How to Publish Open Data

There are two ways through which you can publish open data; bulk data processing and Application Programming Interface (API). APIs don’t usually require constant synchronization. Plus, they don’t involve parsing or transfer of large data volumes.

The integration of OSM and geocoding can go a long way in helping users obtain the desired locations and features on a map. Ideally, Mapping API functionalities incorporate a wide range of capabilities, including animated maps, travel, geocoding, as well as, elevation data.

A web-mapping application that hosts both geocoding and OSM database features allows users to visualize locations and find both zip codes, as well as, geographic locations.

The Bottom-Line

Geocoding provides intuitive access to customers. It facilitates access with large volumes of geographical data combining both maps, as well as, batch geocoding. Whether you’re a non-profit organization, a company, or a government, there are several ways through which you can benefit from geocoding. So, if you want to easily geocode your address and location data, think You will love the results.

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